Get the most out of your Android camera.

Camera MX lets you turn your most beautiful moments into images quicker and easier. Shoot-The-Past mode even allows you to capture moments that have already happened. Share your photos with others in unbeatable quality. Tons of effects and optimization options help you make your memories even more unforgettable – and it’s completely free!

Users from more than 100 countries
More than 10 million downloads

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Quick. Simple. Better.

Camera MX provides every Android device with a fast, modern and easy-to-use camera for Android 2.3 and up.
Create high-quality photos and videos in the blink of an eye. The simplicity, quality and reliability will leave you astounded.
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Touch up your photos the fun way

Camera MX offers tons of high-quality effects for photos and videos which can be applied directly during recording or later during editing. This way you can achieve the best results with both old and new material.
Take advantage of the huge selection of filters, overlays and frames such as Lomo, Mirror, Tilt-Shift or mess around with the kaleidoscope effect. Camera FX also offers other editing options such as color correction, contrast adjustment and resizing, which you can use to make your photos and selfies even more amazing.
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New! Shoot „Hard-To-Capture“-Moments more easily.

With „Shoot-The-Past Mode“ you’ll never miss once-in-a-lifetime moments again. This innovative feature allows you to view up to 3 seconds of footage before the actual shot, select the parts you missed and save them. This way you can capture things that have already happened or moments that are difficult to photograph (e.g. laughing babies and children, house pets or lightning). Travel back in time before the actual photo and select the moments you would have never captured without Camera MX. Try it out now!
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Everything where you can see it

Complete view of all your photos and videos. Easily navigate between different folders with the media manager and delete, move, sort and copy everything with just a few taps.
CAMERA MX download now for free:

Easy triggering

Modern, simple and fast user interface.

Amazing effects

Use one of the many effects (20+) such as Lomo, HDR or Kaleidoscope during recording or after – it works with both pictures and videos!

NEW! Shoot-The-Past Mode

Shoot-The-Past lets you select and save missed shots after they have already happened in order to capture difficult to photograph moments (e.g. laughing babies and children, jumps or lighting).

Besser Präsentieren

Teile Deine Fotos und Videos auf Facebook, Instagram und Co. oder präsentiere Deine Bilder direkt auf Deinem Smartphone als einzigartige Slideshow mit Deiner Musik.

Image editor

Adjust size, contrast, brightness and saturation or let Camera MX optimize everything automatically.

Easy triggering

Variable automatic triggers and the volume shutter (volume button trigger) make all kinds of photos (selfies, group photos) child’s play.

Do I have to register to use Camera MX?

No, Camera MX is completely free, and you can use all the features without registering. If you like, you can create an MX Online Album to back up, present and share your photos.

What is Online Album?

The Online Album is a platform that allows you to backup your media and present it all over the world using a single web address.

How can I edit videos and pictures?

Open the media manager and click on the folder where your media is saved. Then click on the picture or video you want to edit to open the single view. You will see a pencil symbol at the top. Click on the symbol to open the editing mode.

Can I also save images to my external SD card?

Generally speaking, yes. Unfortunately, starting with Android 4.4, Google has introduced security guidelines that prevent devices from continuously writing to external storage media. However, if your device is rooted, you can save to your SD card without any problems.

How do I turn off the shutter sound?

Go to „Play shutter sound“ in the camera settings and uncheck it to disable the sound.

How do I zoom?

With pinch to zoom. Just place two fingers on the display and bring them together or move them apart from each other. The zoom level will be shown when you do this.

How can I set the exposure?

The exposure settings are located in the quick settings on the camera screen. To open the quick settings just tap on the three points in the upper right corner of the camera screen.

How do I ask questions, report problems and contact the developer team?

Go to settings, click on „Rate us“, then on „Feedback“ and choose your favorite email app. Your chosen email app will open with all relevant information already included. All you have to do is write a message and send the email.

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