Camera MX – The free photo app with live effects
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Get more out of your photos

With Camera MX your photos will look exactly how you want. Combine effects directly in the camera and take amazing shots, which you can then optimize and share in your Online Album or on Flickr, Facebook & Twitter - you can even make present your photos in animated slideshows on your smartphone. All for free.
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Make your photos look exactly how you want

Camera MX lets you combine amazing effects and borders live and in realtime - you can even customize them too. Give your photos cool looks, e.g. lomo, tilt-shift, HDR, sepia or black & white. The QuickLaunch feature is perfect for snapshots - you'll always be ready at the right moment. Or record a quick video. All the classic features such as zoom, flash and self-timer are available too.
Amazing photo effects with Camera MX
Edit and optimize your photos

Get the best out of your photos and videos

Camera MX features all the most important tools for perfect photos: contrast, saturation, brightness, white balance and cropping etc. By simply clicking the screen you can see what the photo looked like before editing
and be amazed at how much
better it looks now. Your
photos have never looked
this good. You can also give
your videos an edge by
trimming them down and
only keeping the best bits.
Show your photos on a map

Organize and share your photos and videos

With Camera MX you can organize your photos and videos perfectly. Using GPS info you can pinpoint on the map exactly where your photos were taken. Share your photos the easy way by uploading content to Facebook, Twitter and Flickr with a click. Or to your Online Album with 500 MB webspace. If you want to do something extra with your photos you could always create a slideshow with amazing 3D transitions and dynamic effects - set to the sound of your favorite tune.
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Live effects for your smartphone camera